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Autofill doesn't work on new phone (Moto X4)


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I used to be a happy Enpass user with a Samsung A5 2017. I configured Autofill on it and used it quite a few times to create Autofill log ins in the app for logging into apps. Those can be identified by a "Autofill Info" field in Enpass desktop software.


Now that I changed the phone to a Moto X4 (also running Android 8.0 but with almost no OEM customization) I can't get Autofill to work. The app is installed and accessibility services are enabled for Enpass. Also I put Enpass into the "not optimized" group within battery settings of the phone. Basically everything that I did on the Samsung as well. But the Moto never shows the Enpass touch target when I tap a password field in an app for which it should display this. It's as if the accessibility service either doesn't work although it's enabled (toggling doesn't help), or that Enpass can't identify that I'm running apps for which it has stored logins.


What can you suggest I do to fix this?



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