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Can't restore from webdav


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I'using Enpass 6 beta on Linux and syncing to a nextcloud installation using webdav. Now I installed enpass 6 beta on Windows and I was going to restore my vault using webdav but it doesn't work. It can login but then it says "Sorry we could not find any enpass data on this webdav account".

The file is there when I login using the same user in: Enpass6-Beta/vault.enpassdbsync

Anyone know why it won't restore?

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Hi @agent92,

Please rename the folder  "Enpass6-Beta" to "Enpass" on your webdav server and then try again. The reason is Enpass 6 Beta standalone app looks for Enpass6-Beta folder on webdav, whereas the beta which comes over the main Enpass works with the folder "Enpass".

On 12/13/2018 at 8:51 PM, agent92 said:


If still you have the issue, please revert us with your Enpass Version.


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