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Upgrade to Pro dark mode doesn´t work[SOLVED]


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Hey peeps at Enpass, 

Thanks for these new updates, I've been rocking Enpass since my First windows Phone in 2010. I love that I can now add icons to logins, uploading your own icons for logins is another plus.
I love the Dark Mode on Android. As for Dark Mode on the Windows Store, no luck :(. I purchased the windows store version but for some reason Dark Mode does not take when I restart app?


enpass screenshot.png

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Worked for me!


On another note: will closing the app using "X" and getting dark mode be implemented in the close future? I'm no software designer, but it would be nice if there was a heads up or I didn't have to browse the forums to know that I have to quit from the hamburger menu to get dark mode. 

On Android, the app force closes/has a "restart now" feature that throws the app right into the change; that was a great implementation.

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