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Scaling makes Enpass useless since 6.0

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Hey guys, 

I updated my Enpass app to 6.0 today and have been having issues with scaling since. I can't read anything such as generated passwords. I'm kind of annoyed as I just purchased the Enpass app for Android and now Enpass is broken. 

My computer setup: 

OS: arch Linux 
Window manager: openbox 
Window compositor: compton
Monitors: 1 x 1920x1080 (default = 2560x1440) & 2 x 1680x1080

My guess is that it has something to do with the first monitor as the scaling looks "alright" on the first monitor and awful on the two others. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like on my two 1680x1080p monitors; 



Has anyone encountered this and if so, are you aware of a fix? 

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Hello guys.

Thanks for scale fix with .profile file.

But this solution broke another qt software.

I've added this lines to my ~/.profile and it's fixed my enpass.





But with this lines VirtualBox  GUI seems to be broken.

How I can set qt scaling only for one application ?

Or do you have any other suggestions ?

My env: Xubuntu 18.04 full updated, latest Enpass (6.0.6 383) and latest Virtualbox from Oracle repo.






This config is ok for enpass and looks like for vbox too. 

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The posted QT Settings doesn't have any effect on my client machine (Ubuntu Budgie 19.10). Also the settings from knowledge base.

Enpass is the only application where the fonts are tiny and unreadable on my hidpi screen :(

Could you give me any advise? 

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