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Version 6. Free upgrade or not?

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I was under the impression that version was a free upgrade from version 5? But after downloading version 6 is resides next to version 5 in my start menu with no premium functions.

Not the 6 dollars matter, I can but it again. I just want to know the facts. And I don't want to purchase until I have an explonation to why I cant import my version 5 database.

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Thanks for writing to us.

Enpass 6 is a free upgrade. Like mobile phones, you are not restricted to use 20 items. You can freely import the Enpass 5 data in Enpass 6. All the standard features are free (even the Multiple vaults). Some of the customization features, Dark theme, and Windows Hello are paid in the premium version.

Please let us know if you're facing any problem importing data in v6.

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