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    Security audit

    Hi @mushroom_daddy Sure, we do have plans to get the macOS and iOS apps audited as soon as add the important feature requests like Favicons, WiFi sync etc . It's just a matter of time. Please bear with us. Agreed! but we can't do it very frequently as it is time consuming and costly process. Thanks for your understanding!
  2. Hi all, We understand your concern and never want to hurt your feelings. We would have definitely restored your UWP purchase into the bridged app, and for that even contacted Microsoft, knowing that it is not possible by design of all apps stores. Both the UWP and Bridged app are different apps and it is not possible to access the purchases across the apps or Stores. We could have replaced the UWP app to the bridged version to make the in-app purchases accessible, but that would have to make Enpass unaccessible for users who have already purchased it on Windows 10 mobile and UWP. You must be able to install it from your order history of the software you own, or you can choose this direct link for UWP app . It is now, not available on the store for the new users (or who haven't purchased it before) because we will not be upgrading UWP app to V6. We have rewritten Enpass 6 on all evolving platforms from scratch and the Windows Mobile was not promising enough to be considered for this because Microsoft itself is not releasing any new updates or phones. We are working on our toes to bring in all the promised features in a series of updates. Thanks a lot for your cooperation as it will help us making Enpass awesome for you, faster than before. Cheers
  3. Hemant Kumar

    No 32 bit Linux suppport

    Hi @rlengland Sorry to say that. We don't have plans to support 32 bit further.
  4. Hemant Kumar

    Password for data

    Thanks for asking! No that is not the password of Google account. Let me reiterate You installed Enpass v6 on Windows. You asked to restore your existing data from cloud. You chose Google Drive. It found the data there and now asking for a master password; which means It has found v6 data on Google cloud (which you might have sync from your Linux, or have upgraded Enpass v5 -> v6 from other device and sync). It is asking password of that Enpass data it has found on cloud. Please feel free to ping us for any queries.
  5. Hemant Kumar

    WebDAV Sync not Working

    Hi @AwesomeDogee Thanks for the confirmation. Soon we will fix that too.
  6. Hemant Kumar

    Small mistake for Russian language & missing translation

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions. We have brought this thing in the notice of concerned person. Cheers!
  7. Hemant Kumar

    Password for data

    Thanks for writing to us. It is asking for the master password of data which is on the Google Drive.
  8. Hemant Kumar

    French translation for 'Licenses'

    Thanks for your feedback. We have brought it into the notice of our translator and he will have a look at it. Cheers
  9. Hemant Kumar

    Downgrade to 5.6.9?

    Hi all The FAQ has been updated with the links to Chrome and Android apk. Hope it helps!
  10. Hemant Kumar

    How downgrade to Enpass 5

    Hi Sorry for the trouble! What problem are you facing in upgrading your data?
  11. Hi @Andymase Sorry to say but there is no way to recover your data if you have forgotten your master password. That's the security of Enpass. There are no backdoors through which we as a developer have any control over your data. You have to reset your Enpass and start over.
  12. Hemant Kumar

    Create a new password in safari

    Hi @Frex Thanks for writing to us. We have received this request already and is in our roadmap.
  13. Hemant Kumar

    Wrong scaling of Enpass app @Linux Mint

    Hi @xarekate Sorry for the trouble! Are you using Wayland? This is how you can fix it: https://www.enpass.io/support/enpass-looks-too-small-or-big-on-my-display-how-can-i-fix-it/ Let's know if the problem still persists.
  14. Hemant Kumar

    Import of v5 data fails

    Hi all, Sorry for the trouble! What do you mean that both were unable to import data. Did you installed them separately and tried to restore data from cloud, or if you got the update on v5, after entering master password all your data should have been upgraded. Was there any problem in upgrading.
  15. Hemant Kumar

    Custom Icon

    Thanks for writing to us. The image 200x200px should not be more than the size of 100KB after we have done with the compression.
  16. Hemant Kumar

    Internal Web Browser

    Hi guys, You do not need to switch to autofill. Enpass does this for you using Enpass extension and Password autofill of iOS. We have deliberately removed the build it browser on mobiles because of the possible internal issues related to Webkit. Now since the iOS itself support the Autofilling in Apps and browsers, there is less need for Enpass browser. Makes sense?
  17. Hi Thanks for the feedback. There should be no problem with the empty multiple fields as you see them only on the Edit page. Why exactly you want to delete the empty fields.
  18. Hemant Kumar

    Enpass extension not showing up in Edge

    Hi @Atlan Sorry for the trouble. See if the third step mentioned in the user manual helps you here https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/browser_ext_install.html#edge-browser, which says If Enpass icon doesn’t show up in the toolbar. Go to the option ⋯ in the top right corner. You’ll see the Enpass icon there, right-click on the Enpass icon and choose Show next to address bar. Cheers
  19. Hemant Kumar

    Version 6. Free upgrade or not?

    Hi Thanks for writing to us. Enpass 6 is a free upgrade. Like mobile phones, you are not restricted to use 20 items. You can freely import the Enpass 5 data in Enpass 6. All the standard features are free (even the Multiple vaults). Some of the customization features, Dark theme, and Windows Hello are paid in the premium version. Please let us know if you're facing any problem importing data in v6.
  20. Hemant Kumar

    Request: Direct use of TouchID at start-up

    Hi all, Thanks for your feedback. We have added the functionality of auto-popup of Touch ID dialog in case of Enpass Assistant. There you don't need to click on the Touch ID icon. This behavior in the main app could have been irritating, forcing you to enter Touch ID in case you have brought it in the foreground while browsing through Desktop. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut (Cmd+.) to bring the Touch ID verification dialog in front. In the coming updates, we'll add an option on Touch Bar to unlock with Touch ID. Thanks for your co-operation.
  21. Hemant Kumar

    Sync iPhone to a different iCloud Account

    Hi The first vault that you will set to sync with iCloud will pick the device-configured account and the secondary vault will ask you to login to a different iCloud account to which you will connect through the browser. Hope that helps!
  22. Hemant Kumar

    Multiple OneDrive accounts and OneDrive for Business

    Hi @RSW It is still possible to sync different vaults to different OneDrive accounts. The restriction is on using the same account with all vaults and not the same provider. Hope this helps!
  23. Hemant Kumar

    Unable to update windows 10 Enpass update

    Hi Sorry to say but your purchase of UWP app cannot be restored into Bridged app. This is technically not possible to restore purchases across apps or Store. You can read more about it here https://www.enpass.io/support/ive-purchased-enpass-on-one-platform-do-i-need-to-purchase-it-on-other-platforms-separately/
  24. Hemant Kumar

    impossible to copy data into clipboard

    Hi It is still there on all the platforms. On mobiles, instead of press and hold, just tap on the field and a button to copy your data will fly in from right side. Cheers