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    Plugin on Firefox 57 / Fedora 27 not working

    Just as soon as you post, you find out that if you update Enpass to v5.6.5 everything works. Sorry for the wasted bandwidth but perhaps this will help someone else.
  2. The plugin is failing to work on my system: Fedora 27, Firefox 57.01, Enpass 5.6.0, Plugin v 5.5.2 Image attached, "Enpass Connection Error" Is there a solution for this? Is anyone else encountering this?
  3. rlengland

    Browser Extension not working in Firefox Nightly (FF57)

    Is there a new plugin for Fedora 27 / Firefox 57 besides the beta I've seen referenced? The plugin reports v 5.5.2
  4. rlengland

    Browser Extension not working in Firefox Nightly (FF57)

    I am using Firefox 57 on Fedora 27 Enpass 5.6.0 The Firefox plugin gives the same Connection error discussed by n8v8
  5. rlengland


    I have found that on Fedora (24 and 25) the update 'tool' or 'option' does not function but if you perform a new install it will pick up all the configurations that were in place for the previous version. At least this happened going from v5.3.0 to v5.4.1. It was necessary to install the new version in a new location since the installer detected the existence of the previous location and was not able to over-write it. If we aren't going to see and RPM (yum or, preferably, dnf) installation option then allowing the installer to over-write the old version (after warning this is happening) would be a very helpful change. Appreciate the tool, keep up the good work.
  6. rlengland

    Enpass for 32-bit Linux

    Unfortunately, I'm running Fedora and CentOS so that won't help. I did see the earlier posting about Debian and wanted to put in vote for "the other side". Thank you for responding, and please think about expanding the 32 bit version coverage.
  7. rlengland

    Enpass for 32-bit Linux

    Is there any chance that a 32 bit version for Linux can be built? There are a lot of legacy systems that see long lives after being taken off Windows. Many of these are in the hands of those who could use all the security help they can get.