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  1. Same form, the latest update solves this issue. Thanks!
  2. Any news about the release?
  3. I also have this issue. Thanks in advance.
  4. After checking again, I realize there is still an issue when you have a non retina display plugged to you retina laptop. When you unplug the secondary display, the extension stays blurry.
  5. @Anshu kumar I'm sorry. It's working on iOS. I was just not aware it was not activated by default. Also, what I like with 1Password is the notification that confirms you the TOTP is copied.
  6. The same. It never works for me.
  7. I'm using Enpass on macOS. It seems the last update solved the issue. However the Safari extension icon is still blurry. Thanks.
  8. When you add a new item in Enpass, the selected vault is the main vault of Enpass. What would be more intuitive is to select the appropriate vault: All vaults -> Select default vault in the list Specific vault -> Select specifc vault in the list Would prevent errors, especially when you can't move a password from one vault to another afterward.
  9. I'm surprised the extension does not have a hdpi UI. Is it a bug?
  10. Focus on first item in parent view In Enpass extension, when you open the modal, focus is on the search field. Most of the time, I need to use the first list item instead. Why not focusing on the first list item by default? Then starting to type would filter the list. Focusable fields in child view Also, when you are in the child view (password details), it's not possible to navigate between fields. Would be nice to enable tab-index on them so that I can copy just one field only with keyboard navigation. Back and forth between parent and child view Also, when you go back to the parent view with arrow left (from child view), focus is both on search field and list item. Because of that, you can't press arrow right to go back to the child view. Disabling autofocus on search field in the parent view would solve the issue.
  11. The TouchID feature is great. However, it could be better integrated. Currently, everytime I launch Enpass, I have to click the TouchID icon and then put my finger on the sensor before unlocking the vault. We could reduce this to 1 single step by prompting the TouchID dialog directly. Moreover, this dialog already has a button to manually enter the password. So TouchID first, then password eventually. Would save me a lot of time. What do you think?
  12. The current Enpass icon used for the Safari extension is not retina. Would be good to udpate it.
  13. It would be nice to be able to change the default vault's name.
  14. Hi! After migrating my data from 1Password to Enpass, I realize the word 'Licenses' is translated 'Licences' in 1Password whereas it's 'Permis' in Enpass. The 1Password version is better because it's more generic and apply to apps. Licenses (in English) -> Licences (in French)
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