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Issues updating to v6

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Dear Support Team!

I've faced some issues with the software update to v6. I'm using several notebooks and Android phones, but there's 1 device which I'm not able to update to v6.

It's an ACER Swift 3 running Windows 10 Home v1809 Build no. 17763.195. On this PC after the update Enpass is not starting at all, only a crash report window is appearing.

Could you give me a step by step guide how to solve this issue?

Thank you for your help in advance!

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Exactly the same here. The Enpass team seems to be overloaded by it's silly decision for a hard migration without fallback/delaying. I destroyed my installation on a business PC. Even after purging all I could find from the Enpass installation (files, registry, database) v6 doesn't start at all (just crashes). v5 was working but the browser plugin doesn't cooperate (even the old one I stored by myself: it doesn't connect to the running v5-main application). So my PC is unable to run Enpass v6 at all after upgrade.

edit: v5 now is also broken. Think, I broke it when I switched between v6 and v5 too often... Perfect time to change to another program.

Did you get it working?

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