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For folks with UI scaling problem, how are you loggin in to your websites?


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I've never used a password manager before.  I'm a new user of Enpass (running traditional 32bit) and had only set up log ins for 4 of the forums that I visit.  I used my existing passwords in Enpass for testing, instead of having Enpass generate the complex passwords.  So I was still able to log in to those 4 websites manually without using Enpass when the update happened that messes up the user interface.

How are you long time users of Enpass that have the unusable high dpi scaling problem logging in to your different websites?  Did you make a printout of all of your complex passwords and are using it?

I didn't want to make an un-encrypted printout of all of my passwords and instead just rely on Enpass backups but now I realize that if a version of Enpass renders it unusable, then I would be screwed with just backups.  Alternative plan?


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On my 4K monitor, the scaling is 150% (I don't know about you). I did change the scaling parameter 150% -> 100%,  disconnected my session (it'll close all app) and in my new session I put back the scaling to 150%. Enpass will be okay only for this one session.  If you restart Windows, you'll need redo the scaling tips again. Enpass don't have a scaling problem if you put 100%. Once you change back to 150%, all Windows (& others app) will be to 150% except Enpass (it'll stay at 100%).  It's just temporary. It's better to wait for the Enpass team for a patch.

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