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How to use enpass on a Stranger's pc?


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Hi.. i've been using enpass for a few years now on my android and windows... but recently my phone died on me..and i had to ask my friend for his pc. I opened up the incognito and suddenly realized that i cant use enpass on web.. even for the chrome extension i need to sign in on chrome and then also need to have running full windows app on that pc.. 

I just cant do all those things on a stranger's pc.. So what would be the best and easiest option for me in such situation ..apart from keeping my phone charged haha..

I hope somebody could help me... 

THanks !!

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Hey there!

I guess one problem always persists: You need to have at least some physical access to your vault. No matter if you sync by Dropbox, WebDAV or any other service: If you don't have the credentials to access that service somewhere outside of Enpass, then you just can't get Enpass to use that file.

That's basically my interpretation of what Carlos already told you, and imho there's no way to work around that.

The other thing is: With Enpass 5 there used to be a portable version as well. That's the stand alone executable to be used if you don't want to install something and uninstall it afterwards.
You should search the forum for some threads about portable versions for Enpass 6, pick the noisiest one and add a comment to make it clear you want that happen soon. Maybe there's a chance of shifting priorities of development resources.

But that's in my opinion the way to go: Make sure to always have a copy of your Enpass vault file somewhere you can access it. And make sure to have a copy of the portable version of Enpass binary there as well, once that binary exists.


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