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  1. Yep, I bought Pro thinking this version worked like that. It's too disappointing
  2. Thanks for letting us know!! Please, please, please: Implement this ASAP. I bought both your windows in-app purchase and a Yubikey to not having to insert my master key each time I startup the computer. Seeing this was at you UWP app i thought this was already available. No way I can recommend this app until this is implemented.
  3. You're using a offline password manager. You need to install Enpass and sync it to receive all your passwords and the unistall it (and review that no backups are left behind on that computer). It's a downside of using offline passwords managers. (Shrug)
  4. +1 I'm usign a Yubikey, and for startup my password/PIN is asked anyway. one my identity has been confirmed at OS level, Enpass should accept Windows Hello (Yubikey in this case) as enough to be able to start enpass. A 'autounlock at start if Windows Hello is accepted / key is connected' option should exist for this use-case.
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