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  1. you can't it's a sh**ty move and they're trying to lock you in, a simple CSV export would suffice, but no luck
  2. chiwou

    CSV export

    what kind of format are the other ones, the json file isn't json and the txt is impossible to reimport into another app. really nice, it's one way to keep the users locked in
  3. Hi, my guess you want to promote the new Enpass Icon, but the blue icon really messes up the whole windows 10 look. In my personal opinion, just a white icon would be much better. Bye
  4. Hi, in the UWP its possible to start the app and just use Windows Hello, would like to see this in the new version of Enpass too. And atm after Enpass locked the current session, you've to manually select Hello to unlock, it's just an extra step, but after a while it gets really annoying :-) thanks
  5. Hi, I would like a feature to fill login/passwords in windows/mac apps. just like in KeePass. Thanks
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