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Matt Miller

Show Password Expiration

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I appreciate the new "Expire After ..." field when editing passwords.  However, please show the expiration date/time as one of the attributes of the password.  I can go to the "Audit" area and see if a password is expired, but that's not what I'm looking for.  What I need is to see the password expiration date/time when I call up the entry.  Make sure you're handling time zones correctly by either showing the time zone, or at least making sure the time is displayed in the time zone of the device.  I regularly maintain passwords that expire after 72 hours, and knowing the exact time that a password will expire is useful.  Currently I'm still resorting to a manually created and maintained field where I type in the expiration date/time each time I edit a new one of these passwords.

Also, it would useful, when specifying the password expiration, to be able to specify more than just the number of days.  If the actual password expiration date/time was presented as a date/time field that could be edited, that would satisfy this need.  Again, make sure time zones are handled properly.  I sync across several devices of different operating systems, and those devices operate in different time zones.

As a quick partial solution maybe the "History" of a field could show the current value and the date that value was set, as well as showing all the field's historical values.  Then, if I know that, for example, this password expires every three days, a quick mental calculation while viewing the date that I set the current value will tell me if I need to reset my password soon.

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