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V6 on macOS cannot sync with Dropbox

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After updating to the new version, Enpass stopped syncing through Dropbox. The iOS version continues to sync, or so it seems but of course now my devices are out of sync from my laptop. Very upset!


I uninstalled Dropbox from my Mac, deleted the access in Dropbox, reinstalled Enpass on the Mac, and requested cloud sync access from Dropbox. A request popped up to open a link in the Dropbox desktop app:



After saying OK, I get a forever spinning, stuck screen:



In the meantime, Dropbox does not have the know about any Enpass access:


Please fix ASAP!

Is there anything I can do in the meantime?






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Hi @koenbro,

Your browser is not redirecting back to Enpass. It should show Enpass in the first popup to handle enpassauth links. Try logout and login again to your mac session or set a different browser (Safari) as default browser temporarily.


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Thank you Vinod, it worked. That is helpful, and I confirming, in case someone else had the same problem and comes across this thread.

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