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Is Enpass extension issuing external calls?


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I am using Desktop Win10 with Firefox (V64.02 64bit), Enpass V6 & Bitdefender.

An example of what Bitdefender reports:

Suspicious connection blocked
January 7 at 8:54 AM
Online Threat Prevention
firefox.exe attempted to establish a connection relying on an unmatching security certificate to dvinod webfactional. We blocked the connection to keep your data safe since the used certificate was issued for a different web address than the targeted one.
Add to exceptions
I am guessing it might be happening when the Enpass extension is being accessed. I am reluctant to add as an exception until I know why it is happening. Being restricted does not seem to cause Firefox a problem. I raise the issue here because researching the issue on the Internet I see in several links Enpass is mentioned.
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