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Export with folder structure

Pedro Bat

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Following the failure that is Enpass 6, i've decided to find a new password management solution...

I could not export CSV from Enpass 6, so i had to pick up a old backup and restore it in Enpass 5, when i export it there to CSV it does not include any of the folder structure information.

I have thousands of passwords that are organised into folders and I have to keep that structure, anyone has a solution?


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and btw why no export in CSV in ver 6?

I start believing Enpass devs are doing some things on purpose without considering seriously Customers i.e.: no csv export in 6.x, no backward compatibility i.e. export from v6 into v5 format etc - that is really needed for people who for any reason don't want to buy v6 as they paid for v5 and they can stay with the features that are only in v5 yet they were FORCED to move to v6 by unavoidable self-update of the apps in the stores (what broke the v5 compatibility)



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