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  1. Rooco

    Export with folder structure

  2. I think Enpass Team will rethink your decision and restore the extension for version 5 to the Chrome webstore. I do not like version 6
  3. Rooco

    I want folders back!

  4. Rooco

    Problem with saving login details

    Hello @Akash Vyas Thank you for checking this case. Unfortunately, in my case, pressing the return arrow on the browser does not cause a popup window to save login data. My browser is Slimjet Best regards
  5. Hi I have a problem with saving login details on a specific website, Enpass does not propose to save the registration data. Without the popup window, there is no way to save your login details Here is the website address https://www.sfd.pl/sklep/aspx/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fsklep%2f Windows 8.1 64bit Enpass (latest) Please check it
  6. Rooco

    Username and password on separate pages

    Hi @Anshu After the last update of Chrome plugin (5.4.1), everything works fine. Thanks
  7. You are right Enpass can not handle it. RoboForm also saves all fields without errors. I also go back to RoboForm, though as for me Enpass look like better. And what is important is absolutely free (Desktop and Android)
  8. There is no way to save values for these fields. https://websupport.wdc.com/smartware/customer/default.aspx
  9. Rooco

    Username and password on separate pages

    Any help from you? Do you confirm a login problem? When it will be fixed?
  10. Rooco

    Username and password on separate pages

    The same problem here. Enpass does not fill login. https://login.ingbank.pl/mojeing/app/#login
  11. Thanks for the great news. BTW Here, a similar problem. Auto-save does not work. Please check this. https://websupport.wdc.com/smartware/customer/default.aspx
  12. Rooco

    Custom logos and templates

    Great suggestion. +1
  13. Rooco

    when are custom icons / favicons coming?

    Hi Thanks for the quick reply. We are looking forward to.
  14. Rooco

    when are custom icons / favicons coming?

    I look forward to introducing this possibility. Other programs of this type offer such an possibility (eg. SafeInCloud). Enpass is simply the best +1