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Enpass 6 and the in-compatibility with Enpass 5 (portable)


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im really disappointed in Enpass.

I did not know, that Enpass 6 is not compatible with Enpass 5 (and therefore portable version). In no press release was mentioned this problem.

No i used the apps (installation + portable on a work laptop) parallel for the last 3 weeks and found out just now. now i have 2 databases syncing, and also different login details in different vaults, because sometimes i added a new login on the work computer which has not been synced to my private computer with the installed update and vice versa.... now i can manually sit down and sort which login detail from the portable app i need to migrate to enpass 6 vault on my private computer..

Way to much hazzle

i stopped using Enpass and switched back to lastpass

This was a very bad move from Enpass. Sad!

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