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Expiry Date - Store as Date


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today I received an email from a online TV service that they will stop their service at a certain date that is about 6 weeks in the future.
Entering this in Enpass is horrible (not very user friendly) because I only can enter the number of days.
So here it would be more comfortable to enter a full date (like 01.05.2019 for 01.March 2019).

It is also not very user friendly to see the expiry date.
I have to edit the entry and click on the "Password" label.
Here it would be more user friendly to see a new field called "Expiry Date", so I see the expiry date at the details of the entry and when I edit the entry I can enter the expiry date without having to search for the field.

Both suggestions increase the usability and user-friendliness.

Best regards


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