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  1. Hello, At work our administrators have restricted the access to all cloud storage sites (like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many others). So I can no longer sync my password vault at work (so Enpass is unusable for me now). So please offer a feature in Enpass that exports (packs) the password vault to a ZIP file. Then I can send this ZIP file via email to work (also USB-devices are blocked). At work I can import the password vault in Enpass (so you also should offer an import-feature). You should also offer the same feature for the settings. So I can export the settings from my PC and import them at work and also at my Surface Go (so I have the same settings at 3 computers without having to manually adjust them on every device separate). Best regards OLLI
  2. @Vikram Dabas But if I go to the Microsoft Edge Insider Addons website and select "Password Managers" then I get the following page: https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/insider-addons/category/EdgeExtensionsPasswordManagers Here I see Enpass. So I thought you released it for the new Edge (with the Chromium Engine). Regards OLLI
  3. Oops, I forgot to post the URL: https://community.bitwarden.com/t/question-about-steam-totp-codes/3513
  4. Hello @Anshu kumar, the proxy servers are internal servers of our company (a huge company with more than 20,000 employees). I tried all available proxies, also proxies that are available to enter in applications. My company has restricted the access to Cloud-Storage-Providers such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. So it is impossible to access OneDrive anymore. Without entering a proxy I can not access the internet. Although Enpass has many interesting features I switched back to KeePass after I did not get any reply here for more than 3 weeks. I used this solution before and it is working in my company. @Anshu kumar Is there a way to get a refund for the Android App that I bought? I know the time where I can refund the app is expired but I hope that you will be accommodating and refund Enpass. Thank you. I have many suggestions for Enpass here (on papers). I plan to send them via a personal message (so you will benefit from then). Posting them here in the forums is too much work. Best regards OLLI
  5. Hello, this topic is not answered for 3 weeks now! I bought Enpass and expected some more support. I am very disappointed because I spent much time writing suggestions for Enpass. But now where I have a technical problem I don't get any reply. OLLI
  6. Hello, after I did not get any answer or solution for my problem (that still exists) I decided to go back to KeePass. Luckily I had just 60 entries in Enpass and most of them are still in KeePass, so only 10 entries must be added / updated in KeePass. I am very disappointed that you don't get any reply here. And I am disappointed that I wasted 13 Euro for the Android app that is now useless for me. Best regards OLLI
  7. I changed the topic title, thank you @Red0210 But I wonder who attached the screen shots (they seem to be in French language and I don't speak French). So I deleted them.
  8. Hello, at work I was able to use the Enpass Cloud Sync via OneDrive. The database could be synced without any problems. Today I get a Sync Error shown in Enpass with the following message: Something went wrong while syncing with OneDrive. Error code: 504056 In Enpass I have added a proxy that should be used by all applications that access the internet. But the website OneDrive is no longer allowed (same for Google Drive and Dropbox). So, what other ways do I have to sync my database? Best regards OLLI
  9. Hello, I have the same problem in other applications like Excel. I copied a text from Excel into the clipboard and pasted it into an other cell. Then I pressed <Arrow-Down> to get to the cell below and pasted the text again. I could do this 10 times then the clipboard was empty. Enpass should not delete content from the clipboard when there is no data copied from Enpass. This is a big problem because I have to copy many items again, because Enpass is deleting them from the clipboard. Best regards OLLI
  10. Hello, today I read that the Chinese e-commerce company Gearbest had a "Huge Data Breach". Hackers could (and still can) access different parts of Gearbest’s database. See article Report – Gearbest Hack: Hundreds of Thousands Affected Daily by Huge Data Breach https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/gearbest-hack/ The email addresses and the passwords were stored unencrypted! So this is really a mess! Best regards OLLI
  11. Hello, I was composing an email and wanted to enter the € (Euro) symbol into the text. But when I pressed <AltGr>+<E> (same effect than pressing <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<E>), the Enpass Assistant is shown. I had to close Enpass to be able to enter the € character. Of cause I can adjust the hotkey manually in the settings. But IMHO the default hotkey should not be <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<E>. I think this hotkey is present in the whole European Union (but I an not 100% sure). Best regards OLLI
  12. Hello Community, I saw that for Windows Insider, that test the new Edge Browser (with Chromium Engine) there is also the Enpass Add-On available: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/insider-addons/category/EdgeExtensionsPasswordManagers Although I am not testing the new Edge Browser yet a huge thank you to the developers! Best regards OLLI
  13. Hello @Anshu kumar, In the Bitwarden Forums there is a topic about Steam TOTP codes. When I tested Bitwarden I created this topic, but now I am using Enpass (I am switching form KeePass to Enpass). Maybe this topic is helpful (for the implementation of the Steam TOTP codes). Best regards OLLI
  14. Hello, I read an article that the standard WebAuthn is public now and all websites can offer WebAuthn for users. Users can log in without a password, they need just an other identification (like smart phone or hardware token). This is also relevant for Enpass. It would be cool if I can use Enpass to access websites that offer WebAuthn. Here are some useful links: Official website of WebAuthn: https://www.w3.org/TR/webauthn/ Website wehre you can test WebAuthn: https://webauthn.io/ So is such a feature planned? Best regards OLLI
  15. Hello @Anshu kumar good to know that this feature is already on your roadmap. So I added the text "[Roadmap]" in front of the topic title so I see in the list of my topics at once the status of each topic. Best regards OLLI
  16. Hello @Anshu kumar good to know that this feature is already on your roadmap. So I added the text "[Roadmap]" in front of the topic title so I see in the list of my topics at once the status of each topic. Best regards OLLI
  17. Hello, I saw in Enpass that I also can add an "Identity Card" (like a passport). Here I also can set an expiry date. It would be useful to set up a reminder date so I get a notification that my Identity Card will expire soon and that I have to renew my Identity Card. Best regards OLLI
  18. Hello Armin, two boys? Wow, this means much stress! I have one girl but this is really enough! And please write OLLI and not Ollie. Thank you Best regards OLLI
  19. Hello, just a side note: 1Password also uses the Two Factor Auth List (https://twofactorauth.org/) as you can see in the screen shot in the first posting. Using this list means that you don't have to update a list of pages that use 2FA, you just use an existing list. You just have to write that the data is from an external source (like 1Password did it). 1Password also displays a link to the instructions (how to set up 2FA). I think they open the link to the instructions that is provided by the Two Factor Auth List too. Best regards OLLI
  20. Hello, KeePass offers in the options the feature "Enter master key on secure desktop". When this option is checked then the dialog for entering the master password is shown on a secure desktop. This should prevent keyloggers from stealing the master password. Details about this feature you get here: https://keepass.info/help/kb/sec_desk.html If you want to see a screen shot of this feature, just google for "KeePass Secure Desktop" and you will find screen shots like this: (Source: https://img.raymond.cc/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/secure-desktop.png) It would make Enpass more secure if you also use the Secure Desktop when entering the maser password or the PIN to unlock Enpass. This protects Enpass so the master password can not be stolen. I know that it is mostly the users fault if there is a keylogger on the system but it would be really helpful if Enpass is protected against keyloggers. Best regards OLLI
  21. Hello, in the German UI I see in the settings in the section "Security" the English Text "Enpass is idle for". So here you need to translate the text into German language. The correct translation would be "Enpass inaktiv für". Best regards OLLI
  22. Hello, I am using Enpass at home on my PC and also on my Surface Go. And I also use it at work. Unfortunately the settings of Enpass are not synchronized to the cloud storage, so I have to set the same settings on 3 devices. Today I installed Enpass on my Surface Go and it is very annoying, because there are many settings that I have to set. So please add an option where users can turn on "Synchronize settings to Cloud Storages". When I turn this on on my PC then my settings are synced into the cloud. Then I go to my Surface Go and turn on this feature too Here Enpass should ask if the settings from the cloud should be used (downloaded and applied) or if the local settings of my Surface Go should be uploaded into the cloud. This way I set my settings only once and can use them on all my devices. Best regards OLLI
  23. Hello, I copied some text from the notes of a password entry in Enpass and wanted to paste into the notes of an other password entry. But pressing <Ctrl>+<V> did not insert the text. Enpass cleared the clipboard before I was able to paste the text (I have set the timer to 15 seconds). Same problem when I copy the text from the notes of an password entry and want to paste it in other applications (like the web browser). In my opinion the clipboard should be only deleted when the user pressed the "Copy" button behind a field. Only here the timer should start. This way I can copy some text from the notes and this information is not deleted after 15 seconds. Best regards OLLI
  24. Hello, this stupid GeForce Experience application requests my password very often. So logging into applications is really needed! Best regards OLLI
  25. Hello, today I installed Dashlane in my VM and played a little bit with it. I found a feature called "Sharing Feature" that comes close to my suggestion. So here are some screenshots of the sharing center. This feature is very important, so please consider implementing it soon. Best regards OLLI
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