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Allow to open Attachments with Double-Click


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in Enpass some entries have attachments (in PDF, JPG, PNG an MSG format).

In Enpass Desktop I can only Save the attachment to the hard disk.
It would be more comfortable when I could double click on the attachment and the file is saved in the temp folder and opened with the default associated application.

For security reasons you also should do the following:

  1. store the file not in the Windows temp folder, store it in a temp folder of Enpass (where the vault is located)
  2. show a dialog where the user has to confirm when he is finished, so the temp file is securely deleted
  3. in this dialog the user can select if changes to the file should be imported into Enpass or Discarded.

KeePass offers such a dialog where 2. and 3. are implemented.
See the following screen shot:


In my opinion number 3 can be implemented after you have implemented 1. and 2.

This increases the usability of Enpass a lot!

Best regards


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