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Still no Windows Hello


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I begrudgingly paid for Enpass on Windows 10 a second time when it was upgraded to Version 6, because I wanted windows Hello support. Face time and the finger print reader work so well on my IOS devices. As you can understand I am more than a little upset that I have been charged a second time for a feature that does not work. Enpass could have at least waited for the feature to work before charging for it.  However what has made me particularly angry is the fact that Enpass on my iPhone has bee upgraded to fix a Facetime issue, and then today Enpass on my iPad was updated, and I was not charged again when they were updated to version 6. You have taken more of my money pleas fix Windows hello. Please  do not blame Microsoft like you did when the Edge extension would not work. If there are issues with implementing the feature then why did you charge us for it.    

Pleas fix this or give us a refund.


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@Vikram Dabas Vikram, I'm starting to get a horrible feeling... Why do you need the Master Password once at system startup and then never again? Your own explanation is more than cryptic about this: https://www.enpass.io/docs/security-whitepaper-enpass/quick_unlock.html

Your own logic, indeed the reason this app exists, is that passwords are evil. But you actually recommend typing the master password every time (!) you restart a device?! Oddly enough, you only recommend that for Desktops, not for phones. Strange, especially since Android's security track record is questionable at best.

Need I mention how easy it is, in these days of permanent video surveillance to record all the keystrokes to my keyboard? Or use keyloggers? Or curious passengers sitting next to me on the plane or train? There are reasons why Microsoft and Windows abolished passwords. You, on the other hand, force me to type one of my most important passwords every time I restart.

Windows Hello is an enterprise grade password-alternative that is totally invalidated by enpass.

Back to my original question: Why do you need my master password at startup? I'm going wager a bet:

1. System starts. Vault is encrypted. Because you haven't figured out how to use Windows Hello for vault decryption yet, you use my master password to decrypt the vault and keep it in temporary storage / RAM.

2. Then you use Hello only to unlock the UI, so the vault becomes human-readable.

3. Why would you need enpass to be running in the background all the time? Because when I disable auto-start, I need my master password ALL THE TIME. 

C'mon admit it, you keep my decrypted vault in RAM and use Hello only to unlock the UI.

Feel free to provide some conclusive documentation / evidence here to prove me wrong!

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Guest Vikram Dabas


On 4/22/2019 at 10:26 PM, Damasta said:

C'mon admit it, you keep my decrypted vault in RAM and use Hello only to unlock the UI. 

We are already transparent about it and have admitted it the Enpass Security White paper.


Quick unlocking through biometrics is available in both Windows and Mac through Windows Hello and Touch ID respectively. When locking conditions are met, i.e., inactivity time or when the app goes to background, Enpass restricts access to data without locking down the database, and user needs to authorize using available Biometric method. If the user fails to authorize using biometric, the database will be closed, and a master password will be required next time.


Also, I know it can be inconvenient if you need to enter Master Password after every fresh start of the application. We would love to provide the Full-time Windows Hello support, but the integration of Hello in Win32 apps isn't quite the same as in UWP apps. Although we have already found a solution and currently our team is working on it. We will release it in the future updates which inevitably makes the things better. It's going to take some time until then; we appreciate patience and co-operation.


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