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Mr. Cheese

I must be doing something stupid...

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Hi guys,

Got a desktop running enpass, and an iphone running it as well. I decided to change google password to something stronger than I had, and did this on my desktop. Pushed it out to iphone no problem. I verified that enpass has the right new google stronger password generated on my desktop on the iphone.

I then attempt to open up, and the gmail app wants me to relogin as expected. When I get to the password screen on the gmail app, I put cursor in password screen, and use enpass auto fill in on the password, and it uses my OLD password. I tried this numerous times. Eventually I manually copy new password out of enpass, and paste it into gmail app and everyone is happy.

Do I have some setting wrong, am I doing something dumb, or ??. I'm not sure where it got the old password as I triple checked that enpass had the updated password.

Any clues appreciated.

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