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Ask before Quitting Enpass

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I am using Enpass (Traditional Win32) in Windows 10 and also in Windows 7.

When Enpass is minimized to the system tray and I click the Enpass icon, then the little Enpass Assistant window is shown.
When I now click the hamburger icon (the three lines) then a popup menu is shown.

The problem is that I sometimes double-click the hamburger menu and here often Enpass is closed (the first click shows the popup menu, the second click is on "Quit Enpass", because the popup menu opens too close to the hamburger menu).
Next problem: here I do not get asked if I really want to close Enpass.

So you should ask the user if he really wants to quit Enpass.
And maybe you show the popup menu not that close to the hamburger menu.

Best regards


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