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Multiple Vaults and sharing


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I am using Windows 10 on desktop and downloaded enpass. I have the Primary vault and another vault, whereas both vaults consist of the same passwords and the second vault is linked to my Google Drive.

I now want to share the passwords with my working colleagues, wheres one has Mac (but uses Google Drive) and all other have Windows desktop and use Google Drive.

My problem is that I do not get how my working colleagues should have access to the password list of the second vault?

If I want to share the passwords with 5 working colleagues, do I need to generate five different vaults and link it to their Google Drive account on my computer?

Thanks for your help

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I share a couple vaults with people. Here's what you do:

1) On their computer: Enpass > Settings > Vaults, and click the [+] button to add a new vault, and give it a name

2) On the next screen, choose Restore from Cloud, and click Google Drive — this will launch a browser window

3) In the browser window, login to the Google Drive account that houses the vault you want to share

You should be able to figure it out from there (I don't remember the rest of the steps, but they're pretty self-explanatory)

Just be sure to log back OUT of your Google Drive account on your colleague's browsers after the vaults have synced, so they don't have access to the rest of your Google Drive.

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what we did:

1. downloaded enpass on another computer

2. installed, run and restored from Google Drive

3. Logged in with my information, got synced perfectly to primary vault

4. disconnected my Google Drive and connected it with my coworkers Google Drive and it worked too.

We are thinking that we are using a general Google Drive account that is maintained by one person and all other persons are linked to that Google Drive account in Enpass so that it gets synced automatically among all accounts. Would that work?

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