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Pro Version does not update on ios

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Hi there,

i bought the pro version of enpass on my macbook. Unfortunately the pro version will not update on the iphone xs max. Both devices are synced by icloud. By syncing, the database is on both devices (28 logins) but on the phone i can´t create new logins. Enpass ask me to upgrade to pro version. Clicking on restore creats only loading but no connecting. Please help, because the mobile use was the reason to upgrade. Thanks a lot.

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Hey @da_benji,

In case if you are trying to restore your Enpass Pro purchased on macOS on iOS, then we are sorry it won't work.

It is not technically possible to share in-app purchases between different apps. As mentioned by Apple "Every product is associated with a specific app. Products created for use by one app are not available in other apps. Companion apps on a different platform are different apps—the products of the Mac app are not available in the iOS app and vice versa."

If Enpass would have been an online password manager with your account and data with us, we could have restored your subscription across the platforms. You can check more about the Enpass Pricing here on our website.


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