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Microsoft Edge Insider - Enpass Addon available

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Hello Community,

I saw that for Windows Insider, that test the new Edge Browser (with Chromium Engine) there is also the Enpass Add-On available:

Although I am not testing the new Edge Browser yet a huge thank you to the developers!

Best regards


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Unfortunately it does not seem to work for me. I get error 403 with this extension.

This is the output of the Error-Message:


  • code : 2
  • origin : chrome-extension://mliehcloacfoicbanjhhnlimealolgoi
  • path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge Dev\Application\msedge.exe
  • port : 59321
  • server_port : 10391

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Hi All,

Microsoft recently introduced the developer preview of its new Microsoft Edge browser. This edition does not support the old Microsoft Edge extensions.

The Enpass extension for the new browser would need to be installed from the Chrome Web Store but requires some fixing before it works. We are working closely with the Edge team at Microsoft, and hopefully, the upcoming Enpass v6.1 would bring support for the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

Meanwhile, you can make the Enpass Chrome extension to work with the app by disabling the "Authorized browser with verified code signature only" option from Enpass Browser settings.

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