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Feedback / Idea for UWP in future

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Maybe I've missed it but it would be great to be able to cut and paste from cards in the UWP app. Right now I use EDGE browser mostly and I have to open the card, go to edit and cut and paste the username / password into the browser.

Until the extensions API is release and you can give us a plugin could you look to reduce the clicks / friction of this use case ?





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Hi John Kattenhorn,

There is no need to copy/cut/paste any value from Edit page as you can copy it directly from Detail screen.

On mobile or handheld devices, long pressing will show a Copy option and on UWP app, right clicking on any field will solve the purpose. You can also copy username, Email and Passwords of login items and card number and CVC of credit cards directly from the items list by long press or right click.


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