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Other mindsetting for me now

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Hi all,


I really like Endpass, using it for some time now.....butt still have some issues with it.....hope you can change my mind setting for it.

But this is how i feel about things at this time.


Because of the fact that there is no WiFi sync on version 6 of Enpass  i tried the sync options with Onedrive and or other options.

Butt it is not making me happy, don't feel good about it.

Here is another mind setting i want to try, how about this;


I can run a old laptop, using Windows Vista, i cleaned it up with a new install (org.disk and number ( it dos not have to be connected to the internet)....

what if i use the Win32-bits file of Enpass , fill it up with my passwords and use that backup to fill my desktop and laptop running W10 and my android phone.

Can that be done?

Can you use a 32-bits backup datafile to fill up you're 64-bits enpass versions on Win10 and Android?


Hopefully you have the answers i am looking for!!




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