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Attachment Not Found (only in the Android app)

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I am using the Windows 10 Desktop and Android 9 versions of Enpass. I enter the details mostly on the desktop version. It is syncing well with my mobile.


However, when I try to open an attachment in the mobile version, I get the following message :

"Attachment Not Found. To download the attachment, please synchronize your vault with the same cloud account used to restore the data"


Both my devices have only one vault, i.e., the default Primary Vault. The data is synced to the same Google Drive account.


Please help!

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Thanks for reporting the issue. It has been shared with the QA team. Meantime please follow the following steps and let me know if the issue gets resolved:

  1. Open Enpass on Android and take a backup via Enpass Settings > Advanced > Backup > External Storage (Local on Device) > Save it.
  2. Uninstall the app.
  3. Reinstall the app and restore the data from Google Drive.

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I copied all my items that have attachments to a different vault. Then in my Primary vault I moved those items to the trash and emptied the trash. This was done on Windows 10 free version.

I sync'd on my android app and confirmed that they have all been removed.

Back in Windows, I copied the items with attachments back to my Primary vault.

I sync'd on my android app and the issues still persists.

(NOTE: on the android app, in the other vault that I copied my items to, I was able to open the attachments [they are images]; so, I think this means something is messed up with my primary vault.)

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Workaround that works for me (all steps done from desktop unless specified):

  1. Create a new vault and copy all your items from your primary vault to the new vault
  2. Sync new vault somewhere else
  3. Erase all data locally
  4. Erase primary vault from wherever it is stored
  5. Re-setup enpass to sync with your new vault (this will make it the primary)
  6. Create a new vault and sync it with the original location (which is now empty)
  7. Copy all items from the primary (temp vault created in step 1) vault to the new vault
  8. Erase all data locally
  9. Re-setup enpass to sync with the original location
  10. Confirm all your items show up in now primary vault
  11. Delete data from android and uninstall enpass
  12. Install enpass on android
  13. Re-setup enpass on android to sync with the original location
  14. Confirm that attachments work from android
  15. Delete temp value (created in step 1) from the secondary sync location

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