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Reauthenticating via iCloud


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Hi Gang,

I synchronize my Enpass Vault between my MacBook Air and iPhone via iCloud. Since the most recent upgrade, I've been getting fairly frequent requests to reauthenticate via iCloud. (None of this is covered in any detail in the manual, of course.) Although the frequency of this is annoying (and might even have more to do with Apple security requirements than with EnPass's), it certainly isn't multiple times/day as some others have apparently experienced.

However, I suddenly found myself with a problem that prevented me from completing this reauthentication at all, and I thought I'd share the solution in case others run into it. Clicking the reauthenticate link in the Mac OS X Enpass application launches my browser with an Apple URL where I'm asked to enter my Apple ID and password. Naturally, it's a strong password, so I want to use Enpass to look it up for me. The auto-fill doesn't typically work for these Apple web forms (though, thankfully at least you can paste a password into the field from the Clipboard) so I swap over to Enpass, look up the Apple ID record, copy its password, swap back to my browser, and paste the password into the web form.

At this point, I just watch a spinning cursor in my browser window forever. :(

I asked Enpass tech support for help, and they suggested that I try some other browser, but that wouldn't have helped at all (nor did removing various associated browser cookies).

The problem was instead that looking up my Apple ID password in the Enpass application interrupted the reauthentication process (which obviously involves communication between this Mac OS X application and the iCloud server).

In other words, "user error". D'OH!

The solution I came up with is to copy my Apple ID password first, before I initiate the reauthentication operation.


- Schmed

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