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Security of WebDAV password


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I have just started using Enpass and it looks great so far.

I have concerns about the security of my WebDAV credentials. These do not look like they are stored in the vault so presumably are stored somewhere locally. What level of encryption is applied to these? Are they secured by my master password? If my device is lost and they are able to extract my WebDAV credentials then they will have access to far more data than just my (encrypted) vault. So I need to be assured that these credentials are stored in a way that is not reversible except with my master password.

This question is for both Windows and iOS.



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Hi @davidc,

Thanks for writing in.

I would like to share that WebDAV logins credentials are stored in the file Enpasssettings.db which is a SQLCipher file, encrypted with a randomly generated password which is stored in Enpass primary vault. Even if someone gets their hands on SQLCipher file they would still need your master  Password to decrypt it. 


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