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Importing from Version 6 to Version 5 not possible

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I have version 6 on one PC and version 5 portable on another PC.

I want to export the data (or create a backup) from Version 6 and import it into version 5.

But there is no format that makes this possible.

Version 5 only accepts .wallet or .db files

Version 6 does not export or backup in those formats.

What can I do?

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1 hour ago, Dentonthebear said:

Version 6 uses a completely different structure to version 5.  The best you could hope to do (possibly) is to export the data as a CSV reformat the file to suit version 5 and import it.

Is there any reason you cannot update the PC running version 5 to version 6?

thanks for your help.

its because version 6 portable is not released yet, and the beta has some issues.

that's why I want to use the version 5 portable.

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