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Can't Sync Enpass


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New Enpass user.  Firefox is my default browser on both my desktop and my Android.  Installed on my Android, and synced to my DropBox. Seems to work OK.  Installed the Windows 10 client.  Am unable to sync.  Firefox is not able to "see" the Enpass file on my DropBox account.  That is, when using Firefox, there does not appear to be any file in the Apps/Enpass directory on Dropbox.  If I use Chrome, I can see the Enpass file is actually there on my DropBox account.  Why can't Firefox see the file?

I then made Chrome the default browser on my desktop and Android, and tried again.  Sync's OK on the Android.  But I still can't get it to sync on my desktop.  With Chrome, at least it see the Enpass file, but when Enpass tries to open the file, it says the password is incorrect.  I have tried recreating the Enpass file, and assured I was using the proper password.  But on my desktop, it still says that the Enpass password is incorrect.

So using either Firefox or Chrome, I am unable to sync Enpass on my desktop.  Any suggestions?

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Syncing is not reliant on the browser, so whichever one you chose to look at DropBox with should make no difference.

Are the Enpass master passwords you use on your different devices all the same?  If not then the password for the file vault should be the same as the device you created it with.  If you created the vault with a Windows Enpass client and its master password is Fish, and on the Android the Enpass master password is Chicken and you are trying to open the vault for the first time on Android you would need to use the password Fish. 

If have missed your point please let me know.

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