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Gajender Singh

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Welcome aboard Chromebook-ers! 

Well, I've some exciting news to share with you. The much awaited Enpass for Chromebooks, yes the one you've been waiting for so long, is now officially available on Google Play. Now its time for you guys to get your hands on Enpass, the world's first offline password manager for Chromebooks and free your mind  from those messy passwords.

There's another good news for our existing pro users of Enpass for Android, the Chromebook version is coming free for you guys! cheers!
One more thing, the important one, we've also released a specially designed extension, the Chromebook Connector to let you autofill all your logins, Credit card details in your Chromebooks. To know more, just go through the blog and User-manual for Chromebook.

Well, download and have fun with the all new Enpass for your Chromebooks.. and let us know how you feel about this update in the comments below. Happy Enpassing. 


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Really great, been waiting for it for so long...and left Enpass due to the lack of it. 

As far as I see it works great but unfortunately the icon looks exactly like the normal one so I have 2 identicals icons in the Chrome extension bar (I have a Windows PC *and* Chromebook). Is there way to improve that?

Besides that I have to enter my master password two times - first in the Android App on my Chromebook and then additionally in the Chromebook connector. That seems a bit weird, eh?

Thank you very much!


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Will there be a future update to allow Enpass to be unlocked with a fingerprint on a Chromebook?  I just bought the new Asus C436 and it has a fingerprint reader on it.  There is no option under settings in Enpass to allow biometrics as a log in option like on Android.

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