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No login with fingerprint, master password not accepted


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I ran into trouble a few minutes ago and I don't know what's going wrong:

I started "Enpass" on my Android smartphone (SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 with Magisk root solution; Android 9) and wanted to unlock my vault using my fingerprint - as usual. This was obviously working until yesterday.

But when trying to unlock a few minutes ago, after reading my fingerprint, I was asked to input may master password. This was an unusual behaviour because normally I have to do that only afer not accepting my fingerprint. And although I typed in my master password several times Access was alwas rejected.

I have to mention that I neither changed System or app configuration nor my master password. And if there had been an app update last night I think it has been installed because I set up automatic updates...

Can you tell me what's going wrong here?

Regards from Germany


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