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Standalone Browser Extension

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I really appreciate for the extensions available.

Most of the users must be using enpass in Office machines (too), where installing a software is against policy and you can't install in all the machines you want to use enpass.

But a browser extension that does not depend on a Application and works completely on a browser itself would be a great choice.

What you guys think? 



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I would like both Ideas although I would support a standalone extension a bit more. On a Windows tablet I like to use the UWP version...but the extension unfortunately requires the traditional edition without Windows Hello Support. That's a bit annoying ^^

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I'm using the portable solution and it works just fine. 


Installed in my personal pc, completely setup my credentials then synced with gdrive, then zipped the folder from c drive. Saved the zip in gdrive, Copied it to another pc and unzip and sync with gdrive.


Portable version There you have it. But remember you have to depend on the cloud sync for better portability.

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You could still configure the default location of you keychain location and place it inside the enpass folder and take your keychain in zip without cloud sync. 

But remember to point your local keychain in all your new pc, since keychain path value is reset on the very first start on new pc(s).

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