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  1. I've been using Enpass for private purposes and am desperate to get it implemented it in my companies. However, I can't yet see Enpass becoming a commercially-viable product. I can only presume that the Enpass team has full-time jobs and they work on Enpass only part-time. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, we all need to make a living. However, if they intend to make Enpass a commercial success, they will need to speed up things quite a bit. There are quite a few glaring shortcomings in the beta version which make it impossible for me to roll it out on a company-wide basis (no support of OneDrive for Business, existing entries cannot be converted into a template, copying/moving entries between vaults isn't working, location of the database cannot be changed etc). My simple question is: What's Enpass' company strategy - is this going to continue to be sort of hobby or do you have the firm intention to make it a commercially successful product? If so, you will not only need to start charging for it (I'll be only too happy to pay), you will also need to accelerate the go-to-market.
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