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  1. Same here. I have difficulties to understand that they spend time and resources on a Linux version that runs on less than 2% of all computers versus the 83% of the world market that is Windows. I need a professional password manager and this ain't it.
  2. Enpass 6 Beta 1 was launched on 14 June, Beta 2 on 4 July; now it's 5th October and Beta 3 is nowhere in sight. I can't see how Enpass will ever become a viable option for the corporate environment where I intended to deploy it. I'm outta here. All the best!
  3. I've been using Enpass for private purposes and am desperate to get it implemented it in my companies. However, I can't yet see Enpass becoming a commercially-viable product. I can only presume that the Enpass team has full-time jobs and they work on Enpass only part-time. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, we all need to make a living. However, if they intend to make Enpass a commercial success, they will need to speed up things quite a bit. There are quite a few glaring shortcomings in the beta version which make it impossible for me to roll it out on a company-wide basis (no
  4. A few issues that I spotted: 1. Option to hide user name in list view, i. e. instead of showing two lines ("Amazon" + "user@amazon.com"), it should show only the title to increase visibility. 2. Existing password entries cannot be used to create a template. 3. Copying/moving entries between vaults isn't working, it doesn't show up in the destination vault - it shows the 2nd entry in "all vaults" view but it doesn't show up when I only display the destination vault. 4. Location of the database cannot be changed (I'm sure you are already aware of that). 5. Password stre
  5. Hi, Enpass is great and I wouldn't mind the least if you started charging for the desktop version! Almost the only issue that is really going on my nerves is the fact that I can't sync with OneDrive Next Gen. I currently need to maintain a OneDrive account for the single purpose of syncing with Enpass. Please add the option to sync with OneDrive Next Gen! Thanks!
  6. Thanks Vargo. Do you have any time horizon when that future version will be released? I wouldn't mind if you offered a premium version at a higher price, as long as your features include support for OneDrive for Business and the ability to add and delete categories.
  7. I was just about to buy a license but wanted to check out the sync function first to ensure that it works properly. Much to my surprise, although OneDrive is suppored, the setup procedure doesn't allow me to link to my OneDrive for Business account. Why was this simple feature left out or am I missing something? Thanks!
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