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    Hey everybody! I would like to propose to change the print dialog to be more customizable. I am keeping a printed version of my complete Enpass Vault in a secure location as a backup, but there are no options to configure the result, and the default is pretty paper-wasting. (my 331 password entries result in 72 A4 pages!) I would love to be able to shrink this, for example be able to remove the "Last Modified" or the category, or only selectively print specific values. (Example for what I would love to have, don't worry, those are fake passwords)
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    Would the password list report format as "Table" format (likes Excel style)? It can just provides the option of which fields to print, (e.g. name, email, url, password as a single line) In the current design, the printing hard-copy is too many pages although just a few password items.
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