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    At this point Enpass works on "most" distributions, but not on all of them. Also, there is the need to add a repository and then install the application. My request is to make Enpass available as a AppImage, snap or flatpak. This way the support for Linux can be improved! I would suggest to use AppImage or Flatpak, since snap = canonical controlled.
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    It seems that I solved the issue by doing Disconnect > Check "Suppress also OneDrive data" and re-sync with onedrive
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    Hi @Pratyush Sharma, I think I get similar problems very recently since 13th of March on all my PC's but with OneDrive. The message it displays is: Sync Error, Password of data on OneDrive is required. This password has been unmodified since creation and see no suspicious logins around that date into my Microsoft account, change of password is unlikely. Details: - Enpass installed through Windows Store (PC only version), latest version (6.40.632.0) updated 13th of March - OneDrive syncfile in folder /Apps/Enpass last modified: 13th of March - OneDrive syncfile in folder /Apps/Enpass 1 last modified: 13th of March Please let me know when I need to add more details to it! Regards
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    I too have this same problem with iphone sync on my windows 10 laptop, a Dell tablet running windows 8.1, and two Desktop PCs running Windows 7. All of my systems are running 6.4.0. On my systems I can replicate the problem by shutting them down, powering them back up, and then try to sync. Like Timo K reported above my name and information about the last sync are missing. It's as if Enpass doesn't know what to sync. I need to disconnect from iCloud and reconnect to get sync working again. KP
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    @Pratyush Sharma Exactly what I needed. Thank you!
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    Hi @Timo K. @ZHANG Lidong, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Our QA team is looking into this issue. Till then, we will request you to please co-operate with us.
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