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    I understand fully. But the point I am making is that autofilling an existing login is not as friendly as other password managers. I am experimenting at this moment with 3 password managers. Enpass , Myki and Sticky and all using brower extensions. Myki and Sticky jump out straight away volunteering to fill the information - actually they attach themselves in the user and password login boxes. Enpass on the other hand expects me to go and click on the icon first. Why? So far I prefer Enpass as the other have other issues that I find more annoying or missing other functions - eg one of them lacks the functionality of "click-to-call" a phone number or "mailto" in the notes ( you could say is a minor thing but it could be very annoying trying to copying or remembering the number in order to make a call or send an email. I am glad is available in Enpass. I believe what I am asking will help make a very good app even better. Sometimes small changes like make the Autofill more AUTOfill can make the app more friendlier and easier to use. Main question to you. Are you a company that appreciate user's suggestions and do something about it... Bonus to you is that you are monitoring this forum and you are very prompt... definitely a bonus to Empass.
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