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    As per object, the Italian translation of the "Unlock" button is missing, which translates into Italian as " Sblocca". See screenshot for a quick visual reference.
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    Browser used was Firefox 79.0 64 Bit. Browser Extension 6.4.0 I did not test 6.5.0 in other browsers, but the non-beta release 6.4.2 worked across both Firefox 79 and Google Chrome 84. Log in issue was specific to 6.5.0, Firefox 79.0 and those three sites. I have today, following your reply, updated Firefox to 80.0 and reinstalled 6.5.0 Beta and on testing it now works with the three sites in question. There may have been a glitch, but the latest version of Firefox 80.0 and Google Chrome 84.0 both appear to work correctly with 6.5.0 Beta. Thank you for the investigation and hopefully it's sorted itself.
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