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  1. In total agreement with the above statement - at least appear to look like you even understand what the issue is instead of responding with a boiler plate response. You are charging fees and subscriptions ... it would be nice to provide the expected support that goes with that. Currently, the issue is across all my devices ranging from Android 11, Server 2016, Win10 Insider Preview, and Win10 Current Release - and the only thing common thing is OneDrive - and I haven't changed anything on my Onedrive settings etc. So, please can you offer some solutions beyond the boiler plate response throughout this forum.
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  2. the onedrive account did not change. if we search your forum, we'll see that this is the more or less usefull solution you have for your customers since years. debug your software and fix it. as i said i can open enpass, then the error comes. doining nothing the error goes and comes again. all the time the file is present in onedrive. take a look at the version history of the file in onedrive. even if there was no change from user side the file gets updated every time enpass is opening. as asked in a other thread please answer while the enpass folder and the db file in onedrive have onedrive shared icons even if they are not shared. and at last please think about if this is the right way to ask your customers for more and more money for a software that has more and more bugs. e.g. since october 2020 enpass mac app store version is unusable on mac os high sierra and you are not able to change the app store version to a version that works. instead of this you release 6.6 for ios and ask for more money for more more or less usefull features.
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  3. Another happy Enpass user here :) Enpass is awesome, and it would be even more awesome if I could use it on my Raspberry Pi 400!
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