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  1. I can't believe this still hasn't been addressed. I've been a big Enpass fan until now. I've patiently waited months only to have this clearly serious and widely user affecting bug ignored. I'm going to spend the weekend looking for a new password service.
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  2. This really is the core of the issue for me. Running through Rosetta hasn't had an impact on performance, and I haven't noticed a hit to battery. In a vacuum, this wouldn't be a problem, I knew what I signed up for when I got a first generation product. But this is a password manager. It's one of the few applications where fast, timely updates are very important. If there's an exploit in the future, should we just expect our data to be exposed for 2+ years while you guys wrangle your code gremlins? I've worked with Qt before, and quite frankly, I would be mortified if it took me 10 months (since Qt 6.2 was released) to integrate upstream changes. I can't imagine looking my boss in the eye and telling him that the reason something this fundamental is taking so long is because of some deprecations. Qt is a UI framework, it really shouldn't be taking this long to handle a few deprecations. I don't buy the excuse that it's truly taking this long to update your UI, and I don't even want to imagine what hell-spawn spaghetti code you're working with where some deprecations in a UI framework requires a total rework of your codebase.
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