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  1. And when is the new version going to be available? This is starting to feel like an underhanded way of driving your lifetime license customers away. A bug like this should have prompted a hotfix as soon as the solution was implemented, not “eh, it’ll be included in the next update”. You go months between updates, are we just expected to deal with it until then?
  2. I think this is a new issue with the recent 6.9.2 update. I’ve been using Enpass for years and never had this issue until this past week. That same update also made it so that the app forgets my license and makes me reverify at least once a day. I don’t know if they just don’t test things before releasing them, but I expect better from an app I’m trusting with the keys to literally everything.
  3. Tell them they have until the end of the month or I’m switching to 1pass.
  4. I just tested it on my machine, can confirm that this is the case. The installer is an Intel process, but the app itself, as well as the Safari extension, are both Apple. It's prompting you to install Rosetta so it can run the installer, but after installing the app itself is indeed native and doesn't need Rosetta. Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to remove Rosetta once installed, but that really shouldn't be an issue as long as you don't have anything actually utilizing it. I'm not sure what your reasons are for avoiding the App Store version, but that version doesn't need the installer so it would bypass the need to install Rosetta.
  5. Did you try installing from the App Store?
  6. This really is the core of the issue for me. Running through Rosetta hasn't had an impact on performance, and I haven't noticed a hit to battery. In a vacuum, this wouldn't be a problem, I knew what I signed up for when I got a first generation product. But this is a password manager. It's one of the few applications where fast, timely updates are very important. If there's an exploit in the future, should we just expect our data to be exposed for 2+ years while you guys wrangle your code gremlins? I've worked with Qt before, and quite frankly, I would be mortified if it took me 10 months (since Qt 6.2 was released) to integrate upstream changes. I can't imagine looking my boss in the eye and telling him that the reason something this fundamental is taking so long is because of some deprecations. Qt is a UI framework, it really shouldn't be taking this long to handle a few deprecations. I don't buy the excuse that it's truly taking this long to update your UI, and I don't even want to imagine what hell-spawn spaghetti code you're working with where some deprecations in a UI framework requires a total rework of your codebase.
  7. So, seeing as your response has changed from “Q2 2022” to “no ETA” in the span of 4 months, and there’s no M1 native version being tested in TestFlight even though we’re halfway through Q2, is it safe to assume that the M1 native version isn’t coming anytime soon? I’m about ready to jump ship over this issue. Enpass is literally the only app I use regularly that hasn’t transitioned yet, and it’s completely unacceptable. It has been nearly 2 years since the Apple Silicon transition was announced, and 18 months since these machines have been available to consumers. What’s taking so long?
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