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    As long as you have same version on both, i.e. v.6, then copying over the .walletx (v.5) or .enpassbackup (v.6) should be what you need. Of course if you are syncing to a cloud service theoretically you should be able to restore straight from there. As for your OS the officially tested versions of Linux are CentOS 7, Fedora 27 and Ubuntu 14.04 or later (64-bit only) as detailed: https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/getting_start.html#prerequisites-for-enpass-version-release I am running Xubuntu with no issues.
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    The issue has been resolved. For anyone else with the same issue: I had not specified the proper target folder on the WebDAV server. Appending a '/home' to the server URL fixed the issue.
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    Hey guys,Thanks for your suggestions. they are already in our roadmap and will be available with our future versions.
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