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  1. Never mind, I already switched to webdav with a different cloudprovider.
  2. Please define "soon". Been hearing that for 3 months now. Last version is almost a year old.
  3. @Pratyush any idea when it will be released? Kind of annoying that it still doesn't work
  4. OK, thanks for your feedback.
  5. Has the Pro version ever been available for free?
  6. It's been more than 3,5 years since the first request. Am I right in assuming that we never will have this feature?
  7. I have the same issues, but there is no 6.6.0 update for the portable version. Please update this version as well.
  8. I have the same problem. But I don't think running the program as an admin is the solution. Before the 2004 win10 update I could run it as a normal user.
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