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  1. having the same issue! How can this be? There is not even a workaround for this?
  2. This is a joke. Its been more than 1 year. When is it planned?
  3. 1. Enpass Android: Version OS: Andorid MIUI 12.5.6 Stable / 11 RKQ1.200826.002 Browser: Firefox Android 96.3.1 (Build #2015860755) 2.This happens with every website that i try to log in.
  4. The app definetly needs a code audit again. Especially because it is closed source
  5. I can't use Enpass on my mobil with firefox. When I select a username/password field it only shows up for a few milliseconds and then it is gone again. This is really annoying. I made a video since you can't upload videos in here.
  6. Couldn't you just create a second Vault with an different password to just use for the TOTP?
  7. +1 This would be such a time safer!
  8. Hi @Pratyush Sharma On which device (along with OS version) are you using Enpass? -> Microsoft Windows 10 Home, Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363 and Android One 10 Which Enpass and Enpass extension version are you using? The newest windows store version and the newest chrome extension Which browser are you using? google chrome 86.0.4240.111 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit) Are you facing the same problem with other browsers too? I only use the chrome extension. I did not try another one
  9. Hi, the auto fill in for the Apple Store Site is not working for browser extension and also not for the app. it should be this Link. See the Screenshots for more detail
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